Promoting youth hockey in New Brighton, MoundsView, St.Anthony and Shoreview MN
Sponsored By:   Lake Region Hockey Association
New Brighton, Mn
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Fundraising Results 2009-2010

Dining For Dollars
Fuddruckers:  $76.56
Davanni's:  $95.65
Acapulco:  $100.00
Fuddruckers Oct:  TBD
Fuddruckers Nov 9:  TBD
Acapulco Dec 15:  $141.29
Space Aliens Jan 10, 2010:  TBD
Fuddruckers Mar, 2010:  TBD

Cookbooks - as of January 20th, 2010: $2,632

Stampin' Up Event Nov 7, 2009:  $165

Dunn Bros Cards:  TBD

Hockey Central Skate Sharpening Cards:  $290

John's Landscaping Christmas Tree Sales:  TBD

5k Knight's Trail:  $1,936

SuperRink Spectacular Thanksgiving Tournament: $5,071.44 (Irondale's half of the total proceeds)

Total known as of January 20th, 2010:  $10,507.94

Fundraising Results 2008-2009

Here are the results of various Association fundraising efforts:

Thanksgiving Tournament Fuddruckers weekend - $278.63

January Tournament Moe's weekend - $350.00

Make It Big Photos percentage of sales - $383.00

Wild Game Program Sales - $750.00 (note - does not include matching funds)

Total for season - $1,761.63

Thank YOU for your support!